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Map Workouts

A completley new way to workout. Bring the outdoors in with our new map based workout. Ride real courses with a syhncornoised workout.

The Workout Screen

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Fully Interactive

Every map based workout is ridden on a real GPS course. As you ride, your marker will move along the map either controlled by your power (if using wattSys), or automatically (if using the litePlayer).


Every course is divided into a series of segments. Each segment is colour coded and presents a different power and heart rate target (based on you FTP).

Segments act as intervals to provide a very effective workout. Each segment is timed to make it easy to track improvements from session to session.

Structured Workouts

Each segment is based on distance as opposed to time. However, each segment has been designed to last for a specific time period (if ridden at the power target). If you fall below the power target, your speed will reduce and thus the interval duration will increase. This component provides the ultimate incentive to keep pushing and keeps workouts more realistic to the road.

Example Workouts

View  a turbotraining workout
Workout: Winter Warmer V's Rowers Revenge
The winter warmer is sure to get your legs fired up. Ridden on the rowers revenge bike course and constructed as 3 main segments. Each segment requires the riders to push upper tempo/threshold (aka sweetspot) power levels. Recoveries are kept short. Keep the effort level controlled, the pace should feel hard but sustainable.
View  a turbotraining workout
Workout: Alpe Dhuz - Under Overs
Ridden on the Alpe Dhuez climb, this workout asks a rider to perform a series of "under" "overs". This workout primarily consist of 3 main blocks Criss crossing just below and just above FTP. The key is ensuring that you re-vist the required power level after the "over" threshold segments. As time goes on, it will become increasingly harder to clear the lactate before the next over section. A great workout for those targeting long sustained climbs or courses of an undulating nature.
View  a turbotraining workout
Workout: The Chiltern Coffee Grind
The route of this Chiltern Hills workout includes sections that are often used on Sportives. It starts with some varied tempo periods and progresses into two extended lactate tolerance intervals with the second one followed by a sustained sub-threshold effort. If you were riding this route in the real world you would end up at the notorious Benson Riverside Cafe.