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Download & Install

If your using wattSys then you will need to download our software.


Installing The Software

ANT+ Installation

Step 1:

Simply plug in the stick, give it a few seconds to grab the USB drivers from Windows Update

Step 2:

Windows will install the drivers automatically and report when the install is finished NOTE: If Windows cannot install the drivers, download Item 1 from above and point the windows driver update to the extracted folder

wattSys Installation

Step 1:

Download and run the "Setup.exe" file - NOTE: Your browser may indicate the file is not safe. Trust us, it is! We are working with the various Browser publishers to resolve this.

Step 2:

When prompted click "Install". The latest version of wattSys will be installed

Step 3:

When prompted, enter your Username. Refer to our quick start guide to be working out within minutes

Apple OSX (beta)

Installing wattSys

Locate & Move wattSys to the Applications folder

Step 1:

Locate wattSys (which you just downloaded from the link above) and drag to "Applications" and launch the application

Step 2: Open wattSys by clicking on the icon. It should appear in the taskbar

Running wattSys

Step 1:

The first time you run wattSys, you will be prompted for your username. Enter the username you use on the website

Step 2:

If wattSys successfully ran, you will see a blue message indicating that you should start your session from the website.

Refer to our quick start guide to be working out within minutes

Note: wattSys should be active and running whenever you wish to pair your devices or perform a training session.