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Trouble Shooting

Find answers to some common problems.

Do I need to download software?

It all depends how you want to workout. Our litePlayer requires no downloads. Simply choose a workout, click "Launch Web Player" and away you go. Be training within seconds! The web player however, doesn't give the added benefit of interactive workouts and proxy power (as with the wattSys product). wattSys utilises ANT+ technology, which means it needs to communicate with your devices via a ANT+ USB dongle. In the case of wattSys, a small downloadable application is required to enable 2 way ANT+ communications.

I can't install things

If you are having problems installing things, ensure you have checked the following:

  • 1: You have downloaded the wattSys software and have the sufficient privileges on your PC to install software.
  • 2: You are trying to install things on a windows based computer (at this time, we don't support mac)

My devices will not pair

Devices only need to be paired with wattSys (the litePlayer does not interact with your ANT+ devices). wattSys should recognise your devices the first time you attempt to run a workout. Your devices are automatically saved to avoid having to re-pair before future workouts.

If you're having problems pairing your devices, ensure you have checked the following:

  • 1: Your ANT+ USB 2.0 dongle is plugged in and the drivers have been installed
  • 2: The device you are trying to pair with is "awake" i.e. the heart rate chest is active, or the speed sensor is turned on. You may need to spin the bike wheel or wet the HR contact points to wake such devices.
  • 3: The device you are trying to pair within is within reasonable range of the ANT+ USB 2.0 stick - by reasonable, we recommend within 3 meters
  • 4: Other interferences are not obstructing the ANT+ signal. In rare cases, a device such as a WiFi router may be interfering with the communications of your ANT+. We suggest temporarily disabling your WiFi connection to see if this improves things. If it does, drop us an email at for tips on how to resolve this.

How do I start a workout

Starting a workout depends how you want to workout. To begin training using the litePlayer, simply choose a workout and then click the red button saying "Launch Web Player". To start a workout using interactive data please refer to our quick start guide