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Equipment Guide

Everything you need to know about the required equipment

All workouts require a bike, a turbo trainer and a computer/laptop/tablet. This is all thats required to get started.


Do you want to view real data during workouts


Choose to use things with any ANT+ equipment (Heart, speed, cadence and power sensors). Get started with 3 simple things.

speed/cadence sensor OR Power meter

Power or Speed sensor
Use a speed sensor for proxy power or a real power meter

ANT+ USB Dongle

ANT+ USB Dongle

A USB dongle which plugs into your PC

Internet Connection

Active Internet Connection

Any Internet connection will do

Full List Of Supported Devices
Dont have a ANT+ stick but still want to try things? We offer a fully refundable deposit on any ANT+ sticks - Visit Our Shop
wattSys currently runs on Apple Mac, Iphone, Ipad and Windows.
Lite Web Player


No fancy equipment required. Each workout will guide you with clear instructions and heart rate targets. There is just 1 thing you need..

Internet Connection - To start a workout

Active Internet Connection

Any Internet connection will do

Lite Web Player

Other Equipment

Head Units e.g. Garmin 310

You do not need a head unit to use any of the workout options. There is no reason why you can't use your head unit in conjunction with any of the workout options

For full diary history, upload your own rides (turbo trainer or road rides) to keep all your data in one place.