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Proxy Power

Turn your turbo into a powermeter. We have done that maths to derive your power (proxy power), from the speed curve of your turbo

Proxy Power Explained

What Is Proxy Power?

Scenario: You don;t have a power meter on your bike and want to benefit from power readings.. Proxy power can help you do just that. In its most basic sense, proxy power is our estimate of the power your putting out.

How Is It Calculated

Every turbo trainer has a power curve. Its possible to "interpret" this curve by modelling the power:speed relationship thus deriving a power from a given speed.

using a compatible speed sensor and by utilising information about your make/model of turbotrainer, our software will apply the calculations to your data as you ride, giving you a instant and realistic power value throughout your workout.

We are working hard to gather as much information from turbo trainers to keep the power curves as accurate as possible. Use our Equipment Checker to see if we have modeled your make/model of turbo. If its not listed, don't despair, we can apply a default power curve to your current turbo and add it to the top of our calibration list. You'll still get a repeatable power number to train against.


Every effort is made to ensure the power curve is accurate to ensure a realistic "proxy" power value. There are many variable which can affect the accuracy such as tyre pressure, roller pressure etc.. (See our Setup Tips) which can affect the accuracy of readings. The main point of note is repeatability. As long as you keep your setup consistent, proxy power will ensure you are always training in the right zone and make it easy to monitor improvements.