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With a large database of workouts, find the perfect workouts to best suit your cycling goals. Weather you are looking to improve your threshold power or lose some weight, we will have workouts for you.

Fully Interactive Workouts

Each workout is categorised to help you target exactly what you want to train e.g. Improving your threshold power.. We have also "tagged" each workout to help users get a full understanding of how the workout can benefit them. For example "weight loss", "Improved Endurance" etc...

View a full description, the relative intensity, time and the number of available points for every workout using our colour coded intensity scale.

Specific to your FTP

Each workout profile is built based on the threshold power you set in your profile ("Performance" > "FTP & Weight").

View a detailed breakdown of the interval structure either by using the visual graph or using the more detailed table view below. Use the colour coded intensity scale to get an idea of the relative intensity of each step within the workout.

View  a turbotraining workout

2 Ways To Workout

Every workout can either be played using our fully interactive wattSys software, utilising real ride data, or our litePlayer. Simply click the appropriate button when your ready to workout.

*For those wishing to user Power+, checkout our quick start guide

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Finding Workouts

Once logged in, navigate to "Training" > "Find Workouts" from the main menu. Search for a workout that suits your needs by using the filter menu on the left. Choose from the energy system you want to target i.e. V02Max or a personal goal i.e. weight loss. All our workouts can be filtered on duration.

Click the icon to favourite a workout and save it in "My Workouts" for easy access

If you need advice on selecting a workout, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help

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